Creating Luxurious Home Accents With Soapstone


Give homes a luxurious look by adding soapstone countertops and fireplaces. Because it is

composed of minerals such as magnesium and talc, the stone can be soft enough to carve or hard enough to create durable countertops and fireplaces. This versatility may allow soapstone to be used in many ways, but due to its inherent durability, slabs of the stone may be particularly useful for creating beautiful accents to homes while standing the test of time.


One of the best benefits of soapstone is that it may withstand heat extremely well. The minerals that make up the stone are flame retardant, and that quality may make soapstone one of the best materials for fireplaces. This fact may also be a major advantage for the kitchen, since there may not be any need to worry about damaging the countertop with hot pots or pans.


Another great benefit of soapstone is that it may not stain. The density of the slab may prevent acidic liquids from being absorbed into the stone, allowing the liquid to be wiped off easily. For this reason, soapstone countertops can be especially useful for kitchens or bathrooms.


Soapstone can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Not only is can the stone durable and functional, it can also add to the overall beauty of a room. It comes in many different shades of grey, and many slabs may have undertones of blue or green. Slabs can also be coated with mineral oil to darken them to a dark charcoal grey. With so many shades to choose from, there is a color to fit almost any color pattern.

Textured soapstone can add another layer to the overall aesthetic of the countertop or fireplace. While many people prefer smooth stone for the kitchen, textured slabs can greatly enhance the fireplace to create a unique accent.


Because it is can be both durable and pleasing to the eye, soapstone is often an ideal material to use in a home. Soapstone countertops and fireplaces may give homes a luxurious look while still being highly functional.