4 Tips For Choosing the Design of Your Kitchen Cabinets

If it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover, kitchen cabinets are a great place to start. Cabinets take up the most space and can be designed in an array of styles. When choosing to replace or add cabinets to your kitchen, here are some design tips to help you plan your project.


Kitchen cabinets are some of the most heavily used items in the home. The higher the quality of cabinet, the better it will withstand the heavy use. Better quality cabinets use dove tail construction versus cheaper options such as staples, glue or nails.


The material used for the cabinets affects everything from installation to the look in your kitchen. Wood combinations are a less expensive option usually made from pine or plywood. Some feature more expensive woods for the exterior panels and doors. Solid wood comes in a variety of colored woods for a high-quality finished product. Aluminum and stainless-steel metal cabinets are easy to paint but can be heavy and expensive.


Accessories are the fun options to add style or increase the functionality of the cabinets. If you choose to add handles and knobs, try to have them match other accents in the kitchen for a uniform look. Add some organization to the kitchen by including a spice rack, pot drawer, lazy Susan or sliding trays, or have a sliding door to go over a bar fridge.

Door Style

The main element of style beyond color and accessories is the door. Doors can be solid, open or with glass panels. Panels can be raised, flat, accented with molding or other interesting designs.

Kitchen cabinets are a fun way to change the style and look of any kitchen. They provide functionality, organization and add value to the home. Use a professional cabinet installer who knows the best way to hang and level your cabinets and the support needed for different cabinet materials.